Why Musical.ly was better than TikTok

What is musical.ly

Musical.ly was a popular social media app where users could create short creative videos. The most popular type of videos was lip-syncing on music(usually high pitched fast sounds) followed by dance, comedy, artsy stuff, etc. The platform had a lot of talented users that would follow the trends or create their own content.

Why was it better than TikTok?

TikTok had demonstrated to bring even more users onto it and it is appreciated by a lot of people from all over the globe however, there are some facts on why I personally think the app was better before it was changed.

1. “Featured” page instead of the “For you” page

The featured page included hand-picked musical.lys of the most inspiring/influential people. Those videos had to be inspiring and creative. While the “For you” page on TikTok uses ML(Machine Learning) to recommend videos based on your interests, it sometimes goes wrong and displays videos that are not at all interesting for you. Because of that people often use the phrase “I’m on the wrong side of TikTok” — the algorithm might have suggested multiple videos of a specific niche that it wrongfully thought you are interested in.

The featured badge on the older version on musical.ly

2. The trends and more creativity

As I mentioned above, TikTok promotes any person and usually any type of video. My “For you” page is filled with storytimes, vlog like videos, just filming anything, bad comedy, random comment replies, etc. This app doesn’t seem to filter content as much so there aren’t many artistic, creative, or inspirational TikToks showing up.

3. The community

On musical.ly you got to choose who you want to follow based on either their Featured videos, song remake, etc. and because of that you had your favorite musers, sure you can follow people on TikTok but let’s be honest, who spends time on the “Following” page? That’s right, nobody. This is because it is way easier to be popular on TikTok and it wouldn’t be ethical if you were to follow every person you like.

Credits to influencermarketinghub.com for the screenshots
Erick Skyes thumbnails from youtube

4. The Crown

Everyone on musical.ly worked really hard and used different methods to get a crown. It was the biggest achievement you could get on this app and you would get a lot of recognition for it.

5. Badges

Similar to the crown, there were little round badges that you could get on your profile based on your type of content. Getting a badge was also competitive but it felt so good if you were able to get one.

6. Muser leaderboard

There was a real-time leaderboard with the most popular musers globally or from your country.

1st images showcase an older version of the app

7. Live.ly

This was the best way for the musers to interact with their fans. The live broadcasts on live.ly showed the personal side of people’s life. They were fun and interactive and people would usually play games where they would get rewards or do other popular trends like making slime.

8. Events, perks, influence

Musical.ly used to organize a lot of contests(eg: #1MDanceAudition, #1MAuditionUS, etc.) where you could have gotten SWAG(backpacks, stickers, pop sockets, etc.) with their logo. Popular creators would also participate in musical.ly events mostly in the USA.

Old design vs newer design (Credits to Hannah Moyer for the screenshots)

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